Setting Up An Amazon Account

An Amazon account gives you the possibilities of buying any type of good online or even selling them. So you can get an Amazon buyer account or an Amazon seller account, you would need an existing email account, a computer or a mobile device that has a web browser, and an Internet connection.

Some of the benefits of having an Amazon login are that it can be accessed at any time in any and all web browser programs so you can buy or sell whatever good you might like to purchase.

Seen below are the instructions and screenshots in a procedural fashion, to help you in getting your own Amazon login.

• Go to a web browser program and go to the Amazon home page at

• As soon as the page has loaded, you will see the Amazon log in webpage on picture number 1. Click on “Your Account” and there will appear a dropdown box. Click on “Start here” for “New Customer?”.

amazon my account

• It may happen that you might see some other customer has their Amazon sign on and not the sign-up page. If this occurs, sign out first and then reload If you still cannot see the page as above, delete the cache, cookies, and/or passwords of your web browser program or attempt to load the page on another web browser.

• On the Registration page, put in your name, e-mail address (type it twice), and password (type it twice). You can also provide them with your mobile number. See picture number 2.

amazon account

• You have to make sure that have not used this email to sign up for Amazon before. Amazon will double check if the email was already used previously.

• While you do not need an Amazon credit card login to get a free Amazon account, getting one is not very different from your other online accounts. As said formerly, it would need a password, so your private and/or sensitive information are protected. Try looking on the web for some tips on how to create strong passwords. These passwords must be hard to figure out. As you put in your password in the field, the characters will be replaced by dots.

• Finalize your sign-up by clicking on “Create account”. Congratulations! You now have an Amazon account.

amazon credit card login

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